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New Home Construction Program Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

The goal of the NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION program is to ensure that new homes are built to meet the needs of today and anticipate the needs of tomorrow. To achieve this, the Independent Electricity System Operator and local hydro companies are working together to promote home energy performance and the installation of energy-efficient products to builders and renovators across the province to become more efficient, smart and integrated.

How do I participate in the NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION program?

Talk to your builder or renovator about their participation in NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION and to find out if they are participating in any other energy-efficiency programs.

More ways to build efficiency

In addition to NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION, there are a handful of other energy-efficient new home programs offered throughout Ontario by many different builders. So, how do you choose the new home program that's right for you – and what exactly is the difference between one label and another?

EnerGuide for New Homes
ENERGY STAR® for New Homes
LEED Canada for New Homes
R2000 for New Homes


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