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Home Assistance Program for Social Housing Providers in Ontario

Getting Started

To get started, you will need to determine if you are eligible to participate in the Home Assistance Program.

1.   Confirm if your buildings and tenants meet the eligibility requirements of the program.
Your local hydro company or the IESO can provide you with further information about the program, including how to register and apply. If you would like more information on the Home Assistance program in your area please contact the IESO.


You are eligible to participate as a social housing provider if your building is a non-profit residential building, developed or acquired and operated by one of the following:
  • non-profit corporations under the Social Housing Reform Act, 2000 (“SHRA”)
  • public housing corporations owned by municipalities directly or through Local Housing Corporations (as defined in the SHRA)
  • non-profit housing co-operatives under the Co-operative Corporations Act,
  • non-profit housing corporations that manage or own rural and First Nations residential housing,
  • non-profit housing corporations that manage or own residential buildings under the Affordable Housing Program offered by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • non-profit organizations or municipal/provincial governments that manage or own residential supportive housing, shelters and hostels;
You own or manage any kind of residential housing – detached or semi-detached houses, townhouses, mobile homes, or units in a duplex, triplex or other multi-residential building – provided your housing is:
  • a maximum of three storeys high
Important note: If your building or buildings are larger, they may be permitted to participate. Please contact the IESO for more information.
2.   Identify other incentives and funding instruments that may significantly increase tenant comfort and manage operating costs, while reducing the energy use in your buildings.
Your electric utility can also advise you on other incentives that may be available.
3.   Engage your tenants in this opportunity.
Your utilities may be available to assist you throughout the program. Contact your local hydro company or the IESO if you or your tenants have questions about the status of your application or the work being done on your eligible buildings.

4.   Empower and educate residents about the benefits of participating in the program.
In-home education is a key component of this program and will help you and your tenants better manage energy use in the future.
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