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Add value to your current services by helping your customers gain a brighter, safer work environment. Find out how you can help get them there with Save on Energy incentives for lighting.

The right lighting is critical for any environment. Save on Energy incentives can help your customers make the switch to more efficient lighting equipment, cutting energy costs and time spent changing bulbs.

LEDs consume 75 per cent less energy than incandescent lighting and are also a more environmentally friendly choice, as they contain no mercury and are more durable than traditional lighting. LED exit signs, meanwhile, can last up to 10,000 hours, minimizing time and money spent on updating them. And, if you install occupancy sensors, you can help your customers cut their lighting energy use by 25 per cent.

Build your case

Discover resources for you and your customers to dive deeper into Save on Energy programs. Plus, read stories from past customers who found savings from upgrades and injected them back into their business.


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Knowledge Guides


Measurement and Verification - CEATI Guide
Download the CEATI guide on measurement and verification for information on fundamental principles of energy measurement, common issues, methods and examples of determining savings.


Lighting - CEATI Guide
Download the CEATI guide on lighting for information on lighting applications, theory, technologies, and energy savings opportunities.

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