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With HVAC upgrades, your customers can save on energy and equipment costs. Plus, upgrades can make their environment more comfortable. Find out how you can add value by helping your customers take advantage of Save on Energy incentives.

Improving your customers’ HVAC systems can have a major impact on their energy efficiency and profitability. But it goes beyond that. Help your customers achieve cost savings in their homes or workplaces, and improve other facets of their lives, like air quality and comfort. You can even help your customers receive an incentive for an efficient replacement if their rooftop unit (RTU) fails unexpectedly.

Build your case

Discover resources for you and your customers to dive deeper into Save on Energy programs. Plus, read stories from past customers who found savings from upgrades and injected them back into their business.


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Knowledge Guides


Measurement and Verification - CEATI Guide
Download the CEATI guide on measurement and verification for information on fundamental principles of energy measurement, common issues, methods and examples of determining savings.


Electric Motors - CEATI Guide
Download the CEATI guide on electric motors for information on motor classifications, types and selection; also includes guidance on controls and maintenance.

Programs for HVAC systems


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