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Your customers' compressed air systems could account for much of their energy use. Find out how you can help them reduce energy and equipment costs with Save on Energy incentive programs.

How much are your customers paying for their compressed air systems?

Compressed air use often represents a major portion of the energy consumption – and energy bill – of a business. With Save on Energy incentives, your customers can lower their energy use, reduce equipment downtime and save on long-term equipment costs. You can even help your customers receive an incentive for an efficient replacement if their compressor fails unexpectedly.

Baseline your customers' compressed air systems to help find leaks and inefficiencies. Repairing leaks alone can cut compressed air energy costs in half.

Help your customers complete their incentive applications and find opportunities for the right projects – all with a shorter payback period.

Build your case

Discover resources for you and your customers to dive deeper into Save on Energy programs. Plus, read stories from past customers who found savings from upgrades and injected them back into their business.


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Knowledge Guides


Compressed Air Brochure
Download this summary of program incentives and savings opportunities for compressed air systems.


Measurement and Verification - CEATI Guide
Download the CEATI guide on measurement and verification for information on fundamental principles of energy measurement, common issues, methods and examples of determining savings.


Compressed Air - CEATI Guide
Download the CEATI guide for information on compressed air systems, including air compressor types and controls, auxillary equipment, misuses of compressed air, and ways to improve energy efficiency of compressed air systems.

Programs for compressed air


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