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Getting started with Save on Energy

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Give your residential prospects this summary of ways they can save money and energy, while maintaining comfort.
You already offer expertise and quality service to your customers. With help from Save on Energy incentives, you can deliver even more value and grow your business too. Find out how.

You and your customers share the same goal—to grow your business. By going further and helping them receive Save on Energy incentives for energy-efficient solutions, you provide them with extra value. By helping your customers save on costs and energy, they can invest that money back into their operations to keep growing. Plus, you can save them valuable time by acting as their incentive application representative, so they can stay focused on their day-to-day. That keeps their business – and yours – strong.

Which Save on Energy incentive programs are available for my customers?  

Through incentives, your customers can save on improvements to their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting, compressed air and other motor systems. Whether it's a small equipment upgrade or a larger, complex project, learn more about how to help your customers receive incentives for their projects.

Additional types of equipment and process upgrades may be eligible for incentives.

Where can I find the name of my customer’s local hydro company?

Your customer's local hydro company serves as an important partner when delivering Save on Energy incentive programs. If you don’t know the name of the hydro company, you can find it here by searching by postal code.

Where can I learn more about this kind of work?

You can share examples with your customers of how Save on Energy’s incentive programs have helped other similar businesses, to help them see how they can benefit too. Check out our case studies and testimonials here.

What kinds of training does Save on Energy offer?

If you want additional support to keep yourself up-to-date, create new business opportunities and deliver the best to your clients, try exploring the training and incentive programs that Save on Energy recommends for its channel partners.


"Productivity goes hand-in-hand with energy efficiency."
- 3M Canada

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