Pulp & paper 


Sustainability takes centre stage

A $30-billion industry, the pulp and paper sector is a vital part of the Canadian economy, shipping 65 percent of its products around the globe. Besides market pulp, the sector produces newsprint, specialty papers, paperboard, building board and other paper products.
Helping this industry become more energy-efficient is extremely important for the sustainability of the pulp and paper sector. To that end, new and innovative technologies are enabling this industry to continue to improve manufacturing processes, increase efficiency and productivity. This, in turn, goes a long way toward reducing production costs, increasing profitability and lessening environmental impacts.
Consider the benefits of reaching your energy-efficiency goals:
  • Long-term, reliable energy reductions
  • Process and productivity improvements
  • Industrial competitiveness and environmental attributes
Opportunity Areas:
  • HVAC
  • Process heat
  • Machine drives
  • Electrochemical
  • Process specific
  • Cooling and refrigeration
 Energy initiatives deliver savings
Typical projects could include:
  • Cogeneration projects of less than 20MW
  • Improving TM or CTM-pulping processes
  • Enhancing high-consistency forming projects
  • Optimizing the refining energy in mechanical pulping
  • Reducing water use to achieve decreased electricity use
  • Sensor and Control measure
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