Energy efficiency the key to competitiveness
Even though the petroleum refining industry is energy intensive, a wide variety of opportunities for reducing energy consumption exist in almost all facilities. Major areas for energy efficiency improvement include utilities, fired heaters, process optimization, heat exchangers, motor and motor applications. The most constructive steps will be identified on a plant-specific basis. In today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment, investing in energy efficiency is sound business strategy yielding savings, waste reduction and productivity benefits.
Canada's petroleum sector markets gasoline, diesel, heating oil, jet fuels, lubrication oil and other related products through a network of about 15,000 wholesale and retail outlets nationwide.
Consider the benefits of reaching your energy-efficiency goals:
  • Long-term, reliable energy reductions
  • Process and productivity improvements
  • Industrial competitiveness and environmental attributes
Opportunity Areas:
  • HVAC
  • Process heat
  • Machine drives
  • Electrochemical
  • Process specific
  • Cooling and refrigeration

Energy initiatives deliver savings

Typical projects could include:
  • Installing variable speed drives for pumps, fans and compressors
  • Retrofitting air coolers, mixers or electrochemical processes
  • Cogeneration projects of less than 20MW
  • Using membrane cells, micro-channel separators or reactors to reduce the use of process electricity
  • Improving sensors and control methods.
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