Explore your option for reducing energy demand

A treasure trove of minerals lies buried beneath Northern Ontario’s stretch of the Canadian Shield, within the younger sedimentary rocks that cover much of Southern Ontario. Significant energy is expended to mine these treasures. In fact, Ontario’s $10 billion mining industry spends more than $500 million annually on energy, which represents on average between 15 percent and 30 percent of operating costs depending on the type of mining operation. Along with the obvious economic reasons for examining your energy consumption comprehensively, there are also compelling environmental concerns. Clearly, conserving and managing this input cost remains a high priority for every mining operation in our province.  
Consider the benefits of reaching your energy-efficiency goals:
  • Long-term, reliable energy reductions
  • Process and productivity improvements
  • Industrial competitiveness and environmental attributes
Opportunity Areas:
  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Process heat
  • Machine drives
  • Electrochemical
  • Process specific
Energy initiatives deliver savings
Typical projects could include:
  • Retrofitting or replacing underground support systems such as ventilation fans and air systems
  • Upgrading motors or replacing conveyor systems
  • Efficiency improvements to crushing, separating or materials transportation processes
  • Retrofitting pumping systems in mine dewatering, slurries transportation and tailings disposal
  • Improvements in extraction and refining processes.
  • Improvements in control systems or sensors
  • Installing variable speed drives for pumps, compressors and operating fans at part load capacity 
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