Iron & Steel

Energy management delivers solid savings

Opportunities for increasing energy efficiency abound within each of the iron and steel industry’s five groups - iron and steel integrated producers, steel integrated companies, steel processors, foundries and fabricators. Since energy expenses represent the second-highest component (after labour) of the total cost of operations, achieving notable electricity savings is a key factor in your bottom line and competitiveness.
The increasing cost of energy, the need to stay competitive and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has prompted this industry to explore various options for reducing the demand for energy.
As one of the country’s largest industries, steel sector companies supply flat-rolled (sheet and plate), long (re-bar and structural steel) and specialty and alloy (stainless and tools steels) products for major markets in the automotive, appliance, oil and gas, machinery, construction and packaging industries. Steel remains one of the most attractive and robust sustainable materials in the world.

Consider the benefits of reaching your energy-efficiency goals:
  • Long term, reliable energy reductions
  • Process and productivity improvements
  • Industrial competitiveness and environmental attributes
Opportunity Areas:
  • HVAC
  • Process Heat
  • Machine Drives
  • Electrochemical
  • Process Specific
  • Cooling and refrigeration
 Typical projects could include:
  • Cogeneration projects with less than 20MW
  • Upgrading or retrofitting bloom and billet or slab reheating furnaces
  • Efficiency improvements for electric arc furnaces
  • Retrofitting or upgrading fan and blower systems
  • Retrofitting or upgrading compressed air and pumping systems
  • Installing variable speed drives for large-motor systems
  • Improving process control with the installation of advanced sensors and control system
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