Pay attention to energy efficiency and make your budget go further

Across Ontario, many colleges and universities are exploring ways to use electricity more efficiently. Since electricity use is a controllable operating expense, any reductions will result almost immediately by reduced operating costs. This adds up to a better bottom line – and more money available for use in other priority areas.
Your local electric utility can help you find these savings. For instance, lighting is a prime target for electricity conservation and lighting is where almost 40 percent of an institutional building’s electricity is consumed. Add in the savings that may be found in heating and cooling upgrades, and you’ll be on your way to lowering your costs even more.
In some cases, the electricity savings achieved could cover the costs of installing new equipment in less than two years. And now, your  local utility can offer financial incentives that could shorten that pay-back period even further.
Pay attention to energy efficiency and the results will show on your bottom line.  And your students and staff will know that your institution is well-managed and cares about the environment.
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