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Use new technologies to save energy and lower your business costs!

Take control of monthly energy costs with incentives for owners and tenants.

If you own or manage a multi-family building, either a privately-owned rental or a condominium corporation you can take control of electricity costs by upgrading your building’s equipment, improving processes and being smarter about when and how to use electricity.

Your local electric utility has financial incentives for multi-family buildings. These can be used with all types and sizes of electricity saving projects from changing your lighting system to installing equipment controls and even for the installation of a new cooling systems, for example. They can also help you with training, tools and resources for tenants. By taking control of your electricity use, owners and property managers can:
  • reduce electricity consumption
  • manage when and how to use electricity
  • increase property and resale values
  • reduce greenhouse-gas emissions
  • manage your costs
  • Make their mark on conservation by installing energy-efficiency upgrades that reduce operating costs and environmental footprint while still keeping tenants comfortable

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