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Small Business Lighting Incentive Program

See your business in a new light

Do your store lights flicker? Are your product displays poorly lit? Do you spend too much on replacing burnt out light bulbs? Are you looking for ideas to help manage your operating costs?
Investing in energy efficient lighting can improve in-store customer experiences, provide more attractive product displays, help employees more easily focus on tasks, and help you manage your operating costs. The new Small Business Lighting program offers businesses in Ontario a simple solution for energy efficient lighting.  

Eligible businesses will receive:
  • A free onsite lighting assessment of their facility;
  • Up to $2,000 in incentives towards eligible energy efficient lighting upgrades*; and
Small Business Lighting

“It’s important to me that I have an environment where my customers and employees can feel comfortable, without compromising the quality of light.”

– Ira Kargel, Owner, Gears Bike Shop
Read more about the benefits of energy efficient lighting for Gears Bike Shop
  • A turn-key lighting installation which eliminates the need to search for a qualified contractor, obtain quotes, submit incentive applications, project manage the retrofit and clean-up.

Your Lighting Checklist     

From choosing the right lighting colour to making sure your bulbs are properly installed. The Small Business Lighting Checklist can help make sure you get the most from your new energy-efficient lights. Download the helpful checklist here.

Who is eligible to participate?
  • Businesses with an average annual demand of less than 100kW
  • Previous participants of the Power Saving Blitz 2008-2010 or Direct Install Lighting (also known as Small Business Lighting 2011-2015) programs are eligible to participate in the new Small Business Lighting program.
* Please note that some projects will be fully covered by the program while others may only be partially funded by the program. There may be an opportunity for additional incentives for projects that exceed the $2,000 incentive in the program.

What Business Owners Say


“As soon as the lights were installed we noticed how bright and cheerful this place looked and our cupcakes looked amazing. The new lighting is saving us $400 a year in electricity and the money we saved we reinvest back into our business.”

– Anne Campagna, Co-Owner, Cupcakes of Westdale

Hear Anne's story and see the gourmet cupcakes displayed under new lighting.


"The whole store just had a much brighter atmosphere, so we were keen to replicate this across all our other stores after we were able to see the difference at Hiker’s Haven. The projected cost savings were as promising as those at Hiker’s Haven, so it was a no-brainer to install LEDs at all our other locations as well."

- Lisa Raftis, Store Manager, Hiker's Haven

Upgrading to long-lasting LEDs reduced maintence hours and employees were able to spend more time with customers. Read about other unexpected benefits.

Why should small businesses participate? 

The Small Business Lighting program is a simple and easy solution to energy efficiency lighting. The program will provide a turn-key installation which eliminates the need to search for a qualified contractor, obtain quotes, submit incentive applications, project manage the retrofit and clean-up.

Energy efficient lighting will not only help you manage energy costs but will help you:
  • Better showcase your finest products, appeal to more street traffic, inspect product and deliveries with greater ease  
  • Increase safety in the workplace with greater visibility
  • Increase the comfort of your customers and employees – leading to a more enjoyable customer experience, and a more positive, energetic and productive work environment
  • Reduce the time you spend dealing with maintenance as many new lighting products now have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours


How to Participate

See your business in a new light in just three simple steps:
  1. Contact your local hydro utility. If the program is available in your area, your local hydro utility representative will help determine eligibility, provide relevant documents, and arrange an appointment to get started on a lighting upgrade.
  2. To see of the Small Business Lighting Program is currently being offered by your local hydro company, click the My Programs page link and enter your postal code.

  3. Review your options. The onsite assessment will identify the opportunities for energy efficiency lighting upgrades. If you decide to proceed after reviewing the assessment results, you will be required to sign a work order form and customer agreement in order to proceed with the installation. Your local electric utility representative will complete all necessary paperwork and arrange for the installation.

  4. A licensed contractor will install the new lighting. Incentives of up to $2,000 may be provided for new energy-efficient lighting (including the cost of materials and labour). Please note that some lights and projects will be fully covered by the program while others may only be partially funded by the program. You may also be eligible for additional energy efficiency retrofits and incentives above $2,000 – please speak to your local electric utility representative for more information.

Did You Know?

There is a wide range of ENERGY STAR® Qualified LED lighting products available under the Small Business Lighting program including:
  • PAR 16 or MR 16GU10
    or E26 Base
  • PAR 20 or BR20
  • A Shape
  • Decorative Bulb E12 Candelabra Base



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