Opportunity Accelerator Overview

Under the Opportunity Accelerator program can help you find potential energy efficiency opportunities for your business that you may not uncover otherwise.

Your local hydro company can offer this no-cost, no-obligation service to you. If approved, a qualified technical advisor will arrange a visit to your facility, work with you to spot the opportunities and provide you with a customized report listing your cost effective energy saving projects.

Four streams to participate

There are four streams to participate in the program. If you’re not sure which stream is best for your business, we can help you make the right decision.


Not sure where to start?

An on-site energy savings audit can help identify and prioritize potential projects.


Want to focus on a something specific?

We can do a deeper dive to analyze a specific system and its related processes and equipment, such as pumps or HVAC.


Already have a project in mind?

We can help scope a specific capital project, such as lighting or equipment upgrades, to help you build your business case.


Limited capital to invest?

We’ll help you find low-cost operational changes that are easy to implement, such as smart scheduling or employee engagement strategies.

Contact your local hydro company to find out if you can benefit from Opportunity Accelerator.

Please note space is limited and may not be available for your facility.

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