Overview and Benefits of Engineering Feasibility Studies

Engineering feasibility studies can uncover what potential electricity savings your facility might have if you make certain upgrades by evaluating specific process improvements.

With help from these programs, you can develop the business case for energy efficiency projects you may want to undertake and identify potential capital incentive project opportunities that may exist.

Engineering studies find the opportunities that exist within systems that aren’t running properly, are using old equipment or require optimization.

Engineering Feasibility Study (EFS)

Incentives for engineering feasibility studies are available once you’ve identified opportunities for energy saving and need to determine energy savings.

You can receive up to $25,000 in incentive funding for completing a Engineering Feasibility Study. The study will be used to determine a base case energy usage of the given system, and to propose energy savings opportunities or technologies you could implement.

Additionally, the study will identify any Project Incentive opportunities that might exist for the system and help build a capital investment business case for the process efficiency improvements. You can receive an additional study funding amount of up to $25,000 for moving forward with a project incentive.

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