Project Incentives Application Process

The application process for receiving project incentives is outlined below. Please contact your local hydro company for a representative to provide you with relevant documents and assist you in completing your application. 
If you don’t know it, find your local hydro company now

Step 1:
Contact your local hydro company. An account manager will assist you throughout your application process. 
Step 2:
Once you have completed your application form, submit it along with your study final report, performance security option and electricity bills or billing data to your local hydro company for approval.  Your local hydro company will then submit your application for technical review.  If any application details are missing or additional data is required the technical reviewer may request additional information from you at this time.

Step 3:
Once the review is complete you will receive a summary review report and measurement and verification plan.  If agreed upon you will then receive a Project Incentive Contract from your local hydro company that confirms your project approval.
Step 4:
Once the contract is signed then you are able to start construction on your project.

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