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New Home Construction Program Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria

Any home builder or renovator can enroll in the initiative if their new construction, or their extensive renovation to an existing building, requires a building permit and meets the additional criteria below:

  • Eligible Houses: for newly-constructed dwellings, the buildings have to comply with Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code, which specifies:
      • Three or fewer storeys,
      • Area not exceeding 600m² and
      • Classified as residential occupancies. 
  • Extensive Renovations: eligible renovation projects must also comply with Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code, as defined above, and must meet the following additional criteria:
      • The existing interior walls, ceiling or floor assemblies within the renovated area of the existing building are substantially removed;
      • New interior walls or floor assemblies are installed;
      • One or more systems (which such as the framing, exterior cladding, roofing, windows, heating ventilation or air conditioning, foundation, flooring or plumbing systems) are replaced;
      • The area under renovations has an area greater than 50 m2; and
      • The renovation of the area results in it being unoccupiable for a minimum of 30 days;
      • The renovated building is connected, or will be connected once the new construction project is installed, implemented or undertaken and completed, to the local hydro companies Distribution System.
  • Ineligible Houses Include:
      • Manufactured homes with a chassis,
      • Residential buildings with four or more floors, or Homes with a footprint larger than 600m².

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