High Performance New Construction Program Overview

You can participate in the HIGH PERFORMANCE NEW CONSTRUCTION initiative if you are an eligible distribution-connected company constructing a new building or undergoing a major renovation project.
To qualify, the projects must be in Ontario, comply with the Ontario Building Code (OBC)1  Supplementary Standard SB-10 and be intended for commercial, institutional, industrial or multi-residential occupancy. In order to receive incentives for the project, your building must be designed and built to an energy performance that exceeds the minimum required by the relevant building code

Incentives are available for a variety of energy saving measures, as detailed within the prescriptive and engineered application tracks. The custom application track provides participants the flexibility to submit applications for innovative energy efficient measures not listed within the prescriptive or engineered track.

To get started, determine the type of energy efficiency measures that you will be installing in your project and then decide which application track to apply towards. Make sure that you complete all appropriate forms for the chosen application track before submitting your application. If you require help or additional information, contact your local hydro company.

1. http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/Page7393.aspx

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