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Energy Performance Program Incentives for Multi-Site Businesses

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The Energy Performance Program (EPP) encourages whole building energy performance improvements
through incentives at a four cent per kilowatt-hour ($0.04/kWh) of savings per year for up to 4 years. 
This pay-for-performance model encourages participants who are able to make behavioural and operational
changes alongside capital investment projects to achieve and grow energy savings over multiple years.


  • The program provides multi-site customers with a single program point of contact.

  • Performance payments are determined by comparing metered consumption to consumption predicted by a building-specific baseline energy model.

  • Customers have choice and flexibility in implementing capital and non-capital energy efficiency measures, and are compensated for energy savings at the same rate regardless of which initiatives are pursued. 

  • Measuring savings at the whole-building level reduces cost and administrative efforts.

Eligibility Criteria:

To participate, companies must:

  • enroll two or more buildings located in two or more local hydro company service areas;

  • commit buildings to participate for at least two years and plan to realize at least five per cent energy savings per building;

  • have hourly meter data available for their building;

  • have a minimum annual consumption of 1,500,000 kWh per building (or group of buildings aggregated into a single baseline energy model).

How to Participate: 

To apply for the Energy Performance Program please complete and submit the following documents to


Energy Performance Program for Multi-Site Customers (MSC) Agreement V2.0

Complete and sign.                                                 

Application Form

Complete and sign.  

Facility Application Form

Complete at least two facility application forms. Facilities must be located in two or more local hydro company service areas. 

A baseline energy model and hourly interval meter data

Submit a baseline energy model for each facility application as described in the program's Measurement and Verification Procedures and validated using the Baseline Energy Model Validation Reports Tool.

Tools and Templates: 

Savings Report

Complete a savings report for each facility. This report is submitted annually, no later than 60 days following the expiration of each Pay-for-Performance Period.

Hourly to Daily Meter Data Aggregation Tool 

This optional tool has been provided to facilitate the aggregation of hourly interval meter data into daily electricity consumption values.

Baseline Energy Model Validation Reports Tool V2.0

This tool constitutes the two reports required for Baseline Model Validation referred to in the Measurement and Verification (M&V) Procedures.

Reference Materials:

Measurement and Verification Procedures for the Energy Performance Program


Guidelines and requirements on the participant's eligibility, M&V obligations, eligible measures and savings reports.

Energy Performance Program Technical Training Webinar (Please see updated M&V guideline)


Technical briefing for energy professionals on the measurement and verification requirements for the program. Presented March 9, 2017. 


For more information regarding the program, please contact



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