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Multi-Site Customer Energy Managers

The Multi-Site Customer (MSC) Energy Manager Program helps customers with facilities across multiple hydro company territories to access funding through one agreement with the IESO. This program eliminates the need for duplicative agreements, and complements other programs offered by local hydro companies.

Program Overview

You are eligible to apply for this program if:

  • You have facilities located in five or more hydro company service areas; and
  • the facilities have a combined peak demand of 15 MW, or an annual electricity consumption of 75,000 MWh

The IESO will provide an up-front payment of $40,000 annually upon the hiring of an Energy Manager, with an annual total funding cap of $150,000. The Energy Manager is required to meet certain pay-by-performance criteria, which includes:

  • Minimum annual energy savings of 2,000 MWh with $40 paid for every megawatt-hour saved.
  • Energy managers can reach their targets through projects supported by other Save on Energy incentives, but a minimum of 10 per cent of energy savings must come from other projects that have not received an incentive.

Application Details

Funding is still available for the Multi-Site Customer Energy Manager positions.

Application Documents:

MSC Energy Manager Application
MSC Energy Manager Agreement

Submit the completed application, or questions to:


The IESO worked alongside the stakeholder community on the design, development and implementation of the Multi-Site Customer Energy Manager Program.
For additional information about the engagement process, please visit Stakeholder Engagement - Provincial Energy Manager Program Development

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