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Ask the Experts

Hear from these Energy Managers what they do for their companies:


"I've been working as an energy manager for Vision Extrusions Ltd. since 2012. During the past three years, we’ve completed more than 20 retrofit projects in our Woodbridge facilities. Through implementing energy management practices and projects, we are now paying 15 per cent less on our total energy bill. These are significant savings when you consider that Vision’s manufacturing facilities take up over one million square-feet of space. I would say that having an in-house energy manager really helps Vision stay ahead of the competition and manage energy costs."
- Bedad Bahrami, EIT, CEM, CMVP
Vision Extrusions Ltd.


"I’ve been an energy manager with Atlantic Packaging since 2012. Since I joined the company, we’ve reduced our electricity costs by ten per cent and lowered the Global Adjustment charge by almost 50 per cent. My employment contract requires me to reduce consumption by two per cent annually at each of our facilities, and that means I’m accountable every day for delivering results based on our company’s energy strategy."
- Adam Murree, CEM, CEA, CMVP
Atlantic Packaging


"I work in collaboration with the operations team, as well as departments across the entire organization, to understand how we can help each other reach our energy savings targets. Last year, we reduced our energy consumption by 6.9 per cent, to approximately 166 million kilowatt-hours. We were able to do that through a shared commitment to provide value to our tenants’ businesses by containing our operating costs."
- Adrienne Cressman, P.Eng
TD Centre, Cadillac Fairview


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