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Energy managers program

Energy Managers Mean Business

Energy managers have the technical expertise to recommend energy-saving equipment and technologies that are right for your business. And they have the project management skills to implement your business’ energy management strategy – working directly with your operations team, vendors and service providers, and managing financial incentives that support project success and benefit your company’s bottom-line.

Incentives through Save on Energy are available to help bring an energy manager onto your team.

2017 Energy Manager Award Winners

On December 12th 2017, more than 120 people gathered at the International Centre in Mississauga, ON to celebrate the achievements of Ontario’s 100 funded Energy Managers. The Energy Manager Program is the largest of its kind in North America, helping to save energy and drive Ontario’s competitiveness.

| Molson Coors - Toronto Brewery

Johnny.jpgEnergy Manager Award winner for Most Energy Savings, Johnathan Barrington and Molson Coors invested in prediction software to analyze the weather forecast, which reduced demand during peaks and saved the Toronto brewery 1,944 MWh annually – a cost savings equivalent of producing 55,000 cases of beer.

| General Motors - Oshawa Assembly Plant

Kevin.jpgCompressed air is the most expensive utility at the General Motors Oshawa Assembly Plant. To combat leaks, Energy Engineer, Kevin Wagner created an innovative demonstration tool to simulate the noise of a compressed air leak – bringing energy awareness to assembly line workers and awarding Kevin and the company the Best Energy Savings Campaign accolade.

| FCA - Windsor Assembly Plant

Harpreet.jpgEmbedded Energy Manager, Harpreet Dhillon implemented a system where compressed air supply can be controlled and analyzed at certain times of the day, from many different departments within the FCA Windsor Assembly Plant. Along with efficient boiler and chiller initiatives, the conservation measures taken have resulted in a daily monetary savings in the six figures and the Most Innovative Energy Savings Project award.

| The Home Depot Canada

HD.jpgThe Home Depot earned their IESO Energy Manager of the Year award by creating comprehensive energy programs amongst their retail stores. With stores across Ontario voluntarily creating energy conservation teams, energy scorecards to measure building performance, and efficient rooftop HVAC unit installations, The Home Depot saved enough energy to power 13 stores in a year.

| Owens Corning Canada

Hiren.jpgHiren Patel saved Owens Corning Canada tens of thousands of MWh by implementing compressed air and other utility optimization projects - a cost savings equal to selling insulation for 3,000 homes. He’s not only created more opportunities to save, he has improved product quality and employee engagement. Because of this, Hiren and the plant were awarded with the Provincial Energy Manager of the Year award.

| Goldcorp - Red Lake Gold Mines

Elissa-(1).jpgElissa Williamson and her team implemented energy saving initiatives in compressed air leak management, underground ventilation, and LED lighting at the Goldcorp Red Lake Gold Mines. The IAP-CIPEC Energy Manager Leadership Award was granted to Elissa and Goldcorp for implementing these measures and establishing an energy conservation culture amongst employees, which saved the mines $10.1 Million.

To see if the Energy Manager program is available through your local hydro company, click the My Programs page link and enter your postal code. Contact your hydro company for more information.

Multiple facilities? If your organization has facilities in five or more local electricity distribution service areas, you maybe be eligible to participate in the Multi-Site Customer Energy Manager Program.

Transmission-connected? If you have a transmission-connected facility, an Energy Manager Program is available through Industrial Accelerator. For more information, contact your IESO Business Manager, email or visit

Organizations and associations representing sectors of Ontario customers will provide energy management expertise and achieve conservation savings. This new program will be available soon.

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