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Audit Funding: How to Participate

AUDIT FUNDING is offered through your local distribution company (LDC), and the  process for receiving financial incentives is outlined below. 

Please contact your LDC for information on programs in your area and relevant documents. If you don’t know it, find your LDC now.

Step 1
Contact your local hydro company to discuss your businesses options for an energy audit. Audits must be completed by a qualified, experienced auditor:

  • The energy auditor must meet at least one of the following qualifications:
    • A professional engineer licensed to practice in Ontario (PEng.), a certified engineering technologist (CET), a certified energy manager or a certified measurement and verification professional, who has at least three years of relevant experience evaluating energy systems in buildings
    • An engineer-in-training under the supervision of a PEng. or CET only if a qualified and experienced person as described above certifies and signs the Audit Report
    • A Building Energy Assessment Professional, as designated by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • For a Building Systems Audit, the energy auditor will satisfy the aforementioned requirements and will have the following additional qualifications, as applicable:
    • For an energy audit to balance water systems or balance air systems, be a certified member of either the Associated Air Balance Council, or the National Environmental Balancing Bureau; or
    • For an energy audit for a compressed air system, have completed the following courses sponsored by the Compressed Air Challenge: (A) Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems (Level 1), and (B) Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems(Level 2)

Step 2
Complete the energy audit application and participant agreement and ensure the minimum requirements are captured during the energy audit.
Step 3
Complete and submit the post energy audit submission form to your local hydro company. Your hydro company will verify the savings and results and issue a cheque based on the audit type and costs.

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