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Dundas Pharmacy Creates New Lighting Environment And Lowers Electricity Costs


A $1,000 grant from the Ontario Power Authority’s Power Savings Blitz and Horizon Utilities helped Lee’s Dundas Pharmacy in Dundas, Ont., improve store lighting and reduce electricity costs by 30 per cent.


Pharmacist-owner Dipak Mistry recognized the value of replacing the inefficient fluorescent four-lamp ceiling lighting system in Lee’s Dundas Pharmacy.

While Mr. Mistry had thought about upgrading his lights at other times in the past, he had never gotten around to it until the Power Savings Blitz came along.

The Power Savings Blitz provides a free electricity assessment and energy-efficient lighting improvements up to $1,000 to qualifying small businesses.

“I was told it wouldn’t cost me anything to participate and Horizon Utilities would take care of arranging for and paying the contractor. Plus, the retrofit wouldn’t interfere with serving my clients,” Mr. Mistry says.

“At first, I was very skeptical. Who gives you $1,000?” he adds. “But after I spoke to another Dundas business owner who was participating in the program, I signed up.”

"Horizon Utilities customers who participate in the Power Savings Blitz are saving money on their electricity bills through more energy-efficient lighting solutions which are delivered right to their doorsteps,” said Brian Smith, Horizon Utilities’ Chief Conservation Officer.  “By seeking out opportunities for improved energy-efficient lighting for eligible participants, we are striving to make it as easy as possible for customers to do business with us." 


The Power Savings Blitz has provided more than Mr. Mistry expected.

With an approved grant of $1,000, the pharmacy replaced one of its four rows of inefficient light fixtures, a total of eight fixtures. The installation took about a half day and did not interfere with the pharmacy’s operation.

“We had much brighter light, much cleaner light and more natural-looking light. Before, the light had a yellow tinge,” Mr. Mistry says.

The impact was immediate, he adds. “The store image presented to the customers was a positive change.”

Mr. Mistry was so impressed by the improved look that he quickly arranged to have the rest of the store’s inefficient lights replaced. “Even before I saw the electricity savings, I wanted all the lights replaced.”

And the electricity cost savings have been equally impressive, Mr. Mistry says. 
Since installing the energy-efficient lights, the pharmacy has enjoyed a 30 percent reduction in their electricity costs which equates to a savings of $900 per year.
Mr. Mistry spent about $2,500 replacing the balance of the lights and expects a two-year pay back on his investment. “Without the $1,000 grant and the assistance from Horizon Utilities, the pharmacy would not likely have replaced the lights,” he says.

“Everybody likes the change,” Mr. Mistry says. “The customer feedback has been amazing.”

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