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The Installation of new Energy-efficient Lighting in Brampton Civic Centre saves thousands annually

With a goal to reduce energy costs across City of Brampton buildings and facilities,the Business Planning Division in the Building and Property Management Department completed its largest lighting retrofit project in 2012 with the retrofit of the 220,000 square foot Civic Centre, originally built in the 1970s.

The majority of the lighting system had not been upgraded since the Civic Centre was built over four decades ago, says Saleh Daei, Energy Specialist with the City’s Buildings and Property Management, Energy Management Section. “The Civic Centre’s existing lighting system was less efficient than today’s more efficient technologies and installing new lighting would generate significant energy savings for the city of Brampton,” he says.

Although departments were under pressure to control their costs, the energy group showed that because of the cost savings generated from a new energy efficient lighting system and a significant saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM financial incentive from Hydro One Brampton, an investment in energy efficient lighting would be a good financial decision.

“With the incentive from Hydro One Brampton, we developed a strong business case to replace the existing lighting system and achieve significant savings in electricity costs,” Mr. Daei says. “With this project we were also retrofitting an older less efficient lighting system that was more costly to operate with one that would save money over the long term,” he says.

Annual electricity savings are expected to be approximately $22,000. The cost of the retrofit project was $110,000. With the RETROFIT PROGRAM incentive, the payback period was reduced to 3.6 years from 5 years.

When Hydro One Brampton completes its verification process, the total incentive is expected to be about $30,000, Mr. Daei says.

Under the saveONenergy FOR BUSINESS programs, financial incentives are available to municipalities, industrial operations and businesses when they install new energy efficient technologies and upgrade processes and systems in their facilities. Local electricity utilities such as Hydro One Brampton deliver these incentive programs.

More than 1,000 fluorescent fixtures with T12 bulbs and magnetic ballasts have been retrofitted with T8 bulbs and electronic ballast, 200 incandescent bulbs were replaced by CFL type, 202 down-light fixtures were retrofitted with LED kits, and 45 high-bay mercury vapour fixtures were replaced with new LED fixtures.

The lighting retrofit at the Brampton Civic Centre began in November 2011 and was completed in May 2012.

The Brampton Energy Management group is also moving ahead on other energysavings projects. It has a three-year retrocommissioning program for all the city buildings, as well as an ongoing development of specific initiatives such as installing solar panels at several Brampton Transit facilities and Fire Stations.

“Incentives play an important role in building the business case for all Brampton energyefficiency projects,” Mr. Daei says. Individual energy-efficiency projects generally result in a 15 to 20 per cent reduction in electricity costs, he adds.
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